Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where O Where Has Lord Tedders Gone?

Yep I've been slacking on my blog recently and it shows. Well the answer is I'm moving again from Portland to Sacramento. The wifey got a nice job so it's goodbye rain hello sunshine. So I've been packing boxes like a madman. Pretty soon I get to unpack them (joy).

Also I've been busy getting my short term emini's systems converted from the ER2 (Russell 2000 index) to the EMD (S&P 400 Midcap) and the YM (Dow). It's just really hard to say what effect moving exchanges this summer from the CME to the ICE will have on our good friend the ER2. So I'm taking no chances and switching things over. I sure will miss the craziness of the ER2 that scares the beejeezes out of most folks...I love it. The YM and EMD just ain't the same - similar action but less zesty craziness.

Additionally, there really hasn't been anything that has gotten me excited in the Forex market recently. Remember I like the 1 hour and 4 hour time frame best. And really we've been in this choptastic action all month. Sure you could have gotten down on the 30 min and grabbed some pips. But why bother? Remember the cheetah - I want the best and easiest trades. And I'm a lazy Forex trader at the best of times. Forex - show me the pips. I wanna see a trend. Then I'll get excited and trade somethings.

Have a good one till I see ya on the road.

Lord Tedders