Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Achieving success with a trading mentor

There are few professions where formal education is not required. Unfortunately, receiving a formal education in the markets is usually not practical because trading requires experience. There are many ways of obtaining experience in the markets, most of them are painful, however, one that is not is learning through a trading mentor.

This is not where I'm going to tell you to sign up for my limited offer class for only $99999.99. Instead, I would like to give a shout out to my own trading mentors both of whom have donated a tremendous amount of their time and experience to my cause.

Firstly, I would like the thank Phil McGrew who gave me a solid understanding of backtesting, market analysis and system design. Phil who comes from an energy options trading background now trades Forex exclusively and his wisdom has been priceless. Phil helps other traders at his forum where he trades his own systems exclusively and where he helps other traders understand and trade his system. Phil is very much a believer in hard work and his hard work pays off both in his own trading success and in helping other traders. Thanks Phil!

Secondly, I would like to thank Avery Horton or "The Rumpled One" for sharing his hundreds of indicators and thousands of posts worth of knowledge at the TradeStation and now at Avery trades stocks, futures and forex and has been doing so profitably for 15+ years. His philosophy of "milking the cows" highlights his no frills, no nonsense approach to trading where making profits is just something he does. Also, unlike many other top traders out there who are secretive, Avery strives to help other traders. Thanks Avery!
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Phileo said...

Hi Lord Tedders,

It's great to know that you were able to have trading mentors help you along the way. How did you come across these trading mentors, and what made you decide to learn under them?

Lord Tedders said...


Well I met Phil back in June of 2005 at a Forex seminar. The seminar by itself was modestly useful, but meeting Phil and several other traders had a big impact on me. Right away I was impressed with Phil's low key sense of honesty and analytical personality similar to my own.

Avery I "met" online through the TradeStation forum at first and later through Kreslik. I was impressed to see a trader who so freely gave his time and indicators (not something you see too often). I've yet to meet Avery in person, although I will being going out to Arizona to meet him soon.