Saturday, January 27, 2007

XONE - A New Era in Progressive Metal

Some of you may be wondering what does that Ted guy do in his free time when he's not watching charts?

Well believe it or not (yeah I know I look like a candidate for the Republican Primaries), I actually play in a metal band called XONE (pronounced zone). I'm the bassist (the guy on the left) and we play locally in the Los Angeles area.

Some of you are saying "dude what does this have to do with pounding points out of the Russell?" Well actually, not a darn thing. It's shameless self-promotion :) I just started a new blog for our band so that XONE fans everywhere can read about how we struggle to make it as starving musicians (oh heck who am I kidding. We live quite well thank you).

But seriously, we probably spend about 100 hours every week doing pretty intense music and promotion. And its not all fun and games. I'm pretty sure I've got a picture of Will crying during our last recording session (it wasn't pretty - we had to track his lead about 77 times) and we've had about 10 drummers quit the band because I'm such a drama queen (hey it's a bassist's perogative).

So if you've got some time to burn (and who are you kidding anyway there aren't any markets open on Saturday except Vons) check it out. Or check out out music and video at Myspace.

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