Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hedging against terrorism?

When I originally saw the article "Would you invest in terrorism?" I thought it was a crazy idea. However, I've come to really like the general concept.
After all, we could use a market to hedge against worldwide havoc. So I vote that we start the "Crazy President" exchange. Thus you'd trade CPH7 or something like that. This would be a fantastic way for companies to hedge against stupid things the President does(unless you're an oil company of course in that case you'd just want to be long). As an added benefit, the next time our president decides to to re-enact Vietnam in the Middle east, you and I might actually actually profit from it :)

For those of you who love George Bush don't be too offended. If we had elected (oh wait, we did) John Kerry there wouldn't be any financial exchanges left. We'd all be trading coconuts and pine cones.

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Lord Tedders said...

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