Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day Trading is like Monopoly

I know a lot of traders who are just eeking by or breaking even at the end of the month. Many of these traders ask what they could be doing better or what my "secret" is.

So what's the secret? It's painfully simple - Day Trading (or any type of trading) is like Monopoly. You buy 4 houses and sell them to buy a hotel. In other words, you find a simple, routine, monotonous way of trading and you just do it over and over. Most of the guys I talk to have a trading strategy, most of them have tested it. What they don't have is the confidence to just stick with it.
Trading shouldn't be a roller coaster, but rather it should be routine like filling out TPS reports.

I think the main reason that most traders can't stick with it is that they haven't got enough mental focus. They get tired and sleep in past market open, or they become unsure of themselves so they fail to initalize the first trade of the day when the setup is right in front of them, or they rationalize that some piece of news or the other will do such and such to the market. All of these rationalizations are subconscious disruptions coming to the surface.

If you've ever failed to stick with your trading plan and end up taking the one losing trade of the day, I strongly recommend you check out Mental Toughness by Daniel Teitelbaum. In his book he states that you need to break down the walls that are stopping you from reaching success. He has you work on several mental exercises to help you focus on what you need to do. After all, if you knew that you had to take that GOOG trade this morning or your family would die you'd be plenty motivated to take the trade and to do it right.

Make a committment to yourself, to your family and to your trading by taking the next 30 signals without deviating from your trading plan and I guarantee that you will learn the secret to your trading success - you.
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guimaraes_leandro said...

Hello from Brazil!
I really agree with your point of view regarding trading and why most people don´t succeed.
By the way, do you actually have in your blog some information on what are the indicators you use in your trading?
Best regards!!!!!!!