Thursday, January 4, 2007

Back from England

Well it's been an interesting two weeks in England. And since it has been seven years since the last time my wife and I went many things have changed. For example, England has become much more modernized and has caught up or is catching up with America. Stores are open later and on some holidays whereas they used to close the whole week of Christmas. Cell phones are as much a disease there as they are in the U.S. Also internet access which was barely available the last time I visited was easily accessible. Plumbing and kitchens in particular are being modernized at an amazing pace. However, one interesting thing that hasn't changed much is the people. Brits are still civilized, polite and endearing. Making friends, especially at one of the many pubs is very easy. I hope that doesn't change.

While there I also fell in love with a British t.v. show called Top Gear. Clarkson and the rest of the crew are endearing, funny, smart and acerbic. Clarkson is facinating in that he loves flawed cars most of all. Cars that are not always the best performers can still get his thumbs up if they have qualities that are nostaligic, cool or otherwise elegant.

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