Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Made my taco money this morning and just hanging at the pool.

Avery and a few other folks are here in Cabo to trade and have fun.



Jules said...

How could you, LT?? In paradise AND making money at the same time??
I'm envious!!!!

Lord Tedders said...

Lol, yep. I trade better relaxed so its definitely a plus to be here :)


leon t said...

lt: is that avery horton in the middle?. if so could you post his real page. there are too many to know which one is real. most of his info is disclosed in several places. but it's hard to know which one is which. also ask him if he can give an email address. enjoy cabo. the place of movies

Lord Tedders said...

leon, is basically Avery's site (run by our friend Michal Kreslik). You can PM Avery there and request his email if you like.


Speculator Ed said...

Wow you know Avery? You're too cool LT! Because I'm a fan of TheRumpledOne. :)