Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Russell 4-17-07

Although the market opened above yesterday's close and attempted to rally immediately above yesterday's high, the bears were quick to come in and drive prices down to yesterday's low. The market rebounded from there and look to be seeking to break above the day's high later this morning and this afternoon.

First trade of the morning was a long at 7:01 at 834.50 for +2.0. Second trade of the morning was a short at 7:29 at 835.20 for -0.4.

Net for the morning: +1.6
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Fred said...

Wondering what your exit strategy is?


Lord Tedders said...

There are three exits - a stop loss at -1.8, or a Reversal, and in some cases (depending on market volatility) I will exit based on if we are bouncing from the high/low of the day or another critical price point.