Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why I spend my off-market hours at Kreslik.com

I first started visiting Kreslik.com when Avery Horton a.k.a. The Rumpled One began posting there. I had enjoyed many of his articles from the TradeStation forum and so it was a natural progression. Michal Kreslik, the founder of the site has created a wonderful community where traders of various different stripes can get together and have meaningful conversations without fear of unnecessary censure or politics.

Some of you might be asking, well that's great but there are certainly other notable forums out there where traders can interact. Certainly true, however, the caliber of people seems to be very high at Kreslik.com because intelligent conversation is encouraged and because people know that the community is there for them to learn from and to contribute to. I would say that it is the contributions of trading knowledge from Michael, Avery and others that makes the site a pleasure to read and creates a real sense of community. Both systematic traders such as Michal and discretionary traders such as Avery contribute and both groups are welcome to share their knowledge. I've found the people there to be generous with their time and knowledge and there is very much a no-nonsense approach there - you won't find snakeoil salesmen trying to hawk their wares.

Thank you Michael, Avery and everyone else who makes this site so great!
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Gav said...

I would agree with you, they have done a great job to maintain the forum. It is a great place to visit especially for traders who are into indicators programming.

Lord Tedders said...


I'm glad to hear that you've had a chance to check it out. Also, for those who aren't into indicators programming, Michal and others have posted detailed information on hedging in the post "impeccable hedge".