Thursday, June 14, 2007

Russell 6-14-07

The market gapped up slightly overnight and continued to push higher throughout the morning before finding a new value area in the 847.00 to 849.00 area and then retracing slightly thereafter.

First trade of the morning at 6:33 long at 842.40 for +3.3. Second trade of the morning short at 7:10 at 846.20 for -1.8. Third trade of the morning long at 7:23 at 847.40 for -0.5. Fourth trade of the morning short at 7:49 at 846.80 for +0.5.

Net on the morning: +1.5


suamigo7 said...

Hello. Sorry I am late with this post. I am the one who works with MarketDelta and I wrote to you last week. My trading results from Mon. - Wed. of this week was (-1.3 pts). I have a discipline problem in trading my system, because ideally, the system did much better than this. I am currently working on this aspect of my trading and if you don't mind, I will post my results of this coming week on your blog.

Lord Tedders said...

I'm looking forward to it.