Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here was a USDCHF trade initiated yesterday. +52 pips on 10k.



Solfest said...

Have the FX markets ceased trading or just you? :)

Hope all is well.

ben said...

Well Ed I had a realy capy day last wed. than I bent avery's ear about it. So, how has your trading been lately. I told Avery that I'll call him on sun. when he gets back from Mexico. I'll get back on the horse and try again than. Hope things have be going well for you.

I have notice one thing that if you a in a negative moode you shuld only short the market. LOL


FX said...

Hi LT, how's everything?

ben said...

Edward, I think it's time for both you and I to get back in the saddel and start trading again.


FFXD said...

Nice blog.

Trading said...

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