Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Changing things up

As some of you may have noticed I've been posting sporadically recently. Honestly I haven't been satisfied with my short term trading results and have been skipping trading some mornings.

I'm going to take a break from scalping for a bit. As such I won't be posting results every day (at least for the near future), however, I will post some of my swing trades as they come along.



Jules said...

would working with a prop firm help? Are you still looking for one? I understand that some of them allow remote trading. I have just emailed one of them (not realizing that it's a holiday..ha..), and will see what unfolds.
If you're still keen, please drop me an email, and I will forward you whatever info I have.
Hang in there, LT. It's not been the best weeks/months for most swiing and daytraders. You are not alone. So don't doubt yourself yet.

Lord Tedders said...


Unfortunately most of the prop shops in the states seem to cater to stock folks only. Depending on the terms I would be interested in the right prop firm. I'll drop you an email when I get a chance.

Yeah I see that its been tough on a lot of folks. Just been rethinking my priorities a bit, and perhaps a longer time frame might be more in order. I don't plan on quitting - just changing things if need be.