Thursday, February 1, 2007

Russell 2-1-07

The pre market opened up on the YM with some bullish tendencies and was quickly followed with a strong gap open that was even more pronounced on the Russell. Today I really focused on taking all of the trades and letting them ride as per my system testing.

First trade was right from the open at 6:34 long reversal signal at 806.1 for +2.8. Second signal was a long breakout at 6:49 from 809.9 for -1.7. Third trade should have happend at 7:01 short at 808.4 for +1.1 but I missed this due to focusing on placing a forex trade at that time. Fourth signal was a long reversal at 7:39 at 807.2 for -1.8.

Net on the day: -0.7

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