Friday, March 16, 2007

Russell 3-16-07

The premarket was pretty quiet and there was no overnight gap. However, the market opened to almost immediate weakness and sought yesteday's low early in the morning before rebounding and seeking yesterday's close. Today was a great day for the system, however, I was only around for some of the action.

First trade of the morning was a short reversal at 6:35 at 789.00 for +3.1 points. The second and third trade I was not around for, however, the second trade triggered long at 6:45 at 787.60 and would have made about +3.5 points, and the third trade triggered short at 7:47 at 790.7 and would have made over 6 points. Too bad I decided to stop early for the morning :)

Net for the morning: +3.1
Net for the week: +9.6
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