Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Russell 3-20-07

The Russell opened with little directional movement and continued to have difficulty breaking out of a 4 point range the entire morning. This is a poor market for momentum strategies, and this has been the first morning I've had to shut down my workstation in awhile.

First trade of the morning was short at 6:37 at 791.5 for -1.8. Second trade of the morning was long at 6:45 at 793.60 for -1.8. Third trade of the morning was at 7:01 short at 791.7 for -1.8.

Net for the morning was -5.4.
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zdoc21 said...

Lord T.:

can you provide a link to the indicators you use on your pictogram of the russell on 03.20.07

Much apprecited


Lord Tedders said...


Sure the histogram is the RSX indicator offered by Jurik Research www.jurikresearch.com. The Blue dots above and below the histogram are the Scalp Reversal offered by VST Scalper at www.viperspeedtrader.com. Finally, the blue and red dots on the chart itself is Avery's Dynamic Support and Resistance indicator which you can find among the "motherloads" at www.kreslik.com


Anonymous said...

Lord T,

What opinions do you have about the VST and RSX indicators now that you have used them?

I am trying to get my hands on the VST_TripleWave for scalping but it seems that Bill from VST is MIA...


Lord Tedders said...


I still use a variation of both in my trading. They aren't the holy grail but I think they are good indicators.

Not sure where Bill is, I haven't personally talked with him in awhile.