Friday, March 23, 2007

Russell 3-23-07

Well the lesson this week is that extreme volatility moves (i.e. the past few weeks) tend to correct themselves. This has led to a tight week with little opportunity for the momentum moves needed to be profitable with the system. In my opinion the key to successful trading is knowing when to turn up the gas on your system and when to ease off. Overall I think I did a reasonably good job of easing off this week, although I still think I could have eased off a little faster on Wednesday. Hopefully we'll return to some semblance of market activity on the Russell next week.

First trade of the morning was a short at 6:47 at 814.40 for -1.8. Second trade a long at 6:57 at 815.50 for +0.0. After seeing the early chop of this morning and the lackluster enthusiasum to follow through in either direction I skipped the third and fourth trades of the morning.

Net for the morning: -1.8
Net for the week: -7.2
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