Friday, March 2, 2007

Russell 3-2-07

The premarket gapped down slightly from yesterday afternoon's weak close. Well it was bound to happen after nearly an entire weak of trending activity - we finally had a sideways morning and a particularly choppy one at that.

First trade of the morning was at 6:39 a long reversal a 788.2 for -1.8. Second trade of the morning was a long reversal at 7:04 at 786.2 for -1.0. Third trade of the morning was a short reversal at 7:22 at 785.0 for -1.8.

Net for the morning: -4.6
Net for the week: +7.7

Well this was a rough morning, but I took all the trade by the system.
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eminitrader said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am a follower of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to post what you do. Also I started a trading forum you can access it by going to I hope to get many traders posting so we can have a big community going. Thanks again for a great site.

eminitrader said...

Lord Tedder,
Was wondering if you program your own Tradestation code for your charts or do you use pre-made code? Looks like by your charts that its pretty accurate. Are mainly a daytrader or swingtrader? Thanks, keep up the good posts!

Lord Tedders said...

Thanks for following the blog and I'll definately be checking out your forum.

I do program some of my own code, however, the indicators that I post on the forum are not mine (Jurik RSX, VSTscalper Scalp Reversal, and Avery's Dynamic SR).

I primarily daytrade the Russell and swing trade Forex.