Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Improving the View

Well I as promised, here are some pictures of me trading in Mexico. No problemo!

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bp said...

Enjoy Mexico, I thought I was cool when I traded last friday from Boston (not my home base)
However, You RULE! Mexico, warm, Boston NOT....



High Probability Trader said...

That looks fun. I remember when I went on vacation last year. I was trading on my friends' dial up connection and trading YM and stocks. I couldn't resist being away from the markets, even while on vacation.

Lord Tedders said...

Thanks guys. It's fun to trade in exotic locations. It definately helps you keep your perspective!

Brian said...

You're an inspiration to us all. I have visions of trading from the beaches of Maui!

Lord Tedders said...


Thanks. It's a lot of fun to trade in exotic places. It definately adds to the experience.