Thursday, May 31, 2007

Russell 5-31-07

The market continued yesterday afternoon's bullish activity through most of the early morning before consolidating into a new value area.

First trade of the morning short at 7:12 at 848.60 for +0.5. Second trade of the morning long at 7:42 at 848.70 for -0.6.

Net on the morning: -0.1


zeller4 said...

I've gone back to January and February looking at your blog. I saw your comments regarding Jurik and VST scalp reversal (still checking out their links). Do you believe the VST helps you stay in trades longer? or maybe I didn't find a post describing your timing of those trades...

zeller4 said...

by the way, I couldn't access your March blog daily comments - not sure if it's the link or ???

Lord Tedders said...


Yes the VST definately is instrumental in keeping me in trades for the big runs. The RSX is good for OB/OS to confirm what the VST is indicating.

The March entries and comments should be available - I checked them this morning. Let me know if you still have trouble with it.

Thanks for your comments.