Friday, May 11, 2007

Russell 5-11-07

The Russell gapped up slightly and then stayed within a consolidated range most of the morning before breaking highs of the day around 11:00 EST.

First trade of the morning short at 6:47 at 824.5 for -1.8. Second trade of the morning short at 7:02 at 825.7 for -0.5. Third trade of the morning at 7:17 at 826.4 for +0.7. Fourth trade of the morning short at 6:32 at 827.00 for -0.5. Fifth trade of the morning long at 7:47 at 827.5 for +2.7.

Net on the morning: +0.6


Colin said...

Why did you trade so much today?

Lord Tedders said...

Choppy days tend to produce more trades. All the trades were taken per the signals given.

I've considered filtering on days like these but what often happens is that an early choppy morning gives way to more sustained moves later in the morning.