Monday, April 13, 2009


Well couple things this morning. First, I am now trading my live account again; however, I am keeping my size down for the first couple of weeks just to convince myself that nothing has changed with real money on the line (mostly true).

Trading wise, this was a bit of a sleeper morning for the Euro I was a bit surprised to see it wake up. I managed to fade the trend reasonably well at the end, but I unfortunately missed the perfect retracement setup (which would have been worth 30 pips).

Overall, +12 pips for the morning on 25k, adding another $25 to the chip stack (as Don would say).



Jules said...

Good for you, LT :-)
ES was sleeping for the most part today...I would have gotten something though, had I been scalping. Instead, I use stop losses and give up taking scalp profits.

Lord Tedders said...


If you knew the market was slow, then why not scalp? (I'm not trying to be harsh - I wish someone had told me the same thing 2 years ago)

The problem with static rules is that like static trading algorithms, they can't survive changing markets.


Jules said...

Er...I have no problem breaking rules, LT. That's the easy part. LOL!

I'm learning to do what's not in my nature: sticking to rules. And once I can do that, I can start breaking them when the situation calls for it...

I know, it's the time of the day that I should be in bed and I'm not...