Friday, April 3, 2009

4-3-09 Trading Reflections

This certainly has been an interesting week. I started off on Monday on the wrong foot, but quickly got back to the swing of things on Tuesday. On Tuesday I started visualizing my goal of making $300 for the week. Thursday was amazingly volatile as we saw the Euro strengthen. And Friday has been a good wrap up to the week.

I admit, that I am posting early on Friday. Why? I've made my goal and then some, and I've lost a fair amount of focus. Two things I need to do next week: 1) setup a qualitative spreadsheet of how the market day is setting up and how I feel (similar to Don Miller's spreadsheet, 2) I need to set a higher dollar goal for next week.

Today was +15 (ok I took a second trade at 1 cent per pip that made another +15).

For the week +87 pips and $455.55. The weekly goal was $300. I will be revising my goals over the weekend and will need to step things up a bit. Perhaps my 4 week goal should be closer to $750 a week.



Solfest said...

Nice work LT.

Market Monkey said...

Hey LT,

Just had a look through your last several posts. I like your approach towards minded as opposed to get-rich-quick minded :)

Nice stuff.


Lord Tedders said...



Tony Chai said...

Hi LT :

Best of Luck with your Goal.


Tony Chai