Sunday, April 5, 2009

4-5-09 Yeah it's Sunday

Don't normally trade in the evenings let alone on a Sunday, but I just couldn't wait this week. Too pumped up to push my limits even further.

+15 on 2 X 50k lots.


P.S. Yep I'm playing with MBT's platform tonight. I really like Oanda but am thinking of backup options as well.


Fxchartist said...

Nice gains, ted. Btw, I think Mb trading's commission for forex is too high for me to consider to trade with them. Oanda is ok with their spread and order execution but now they somehow no longer honor my stop loss order. It's so annoyance to get intentional slippage.

Lord Tedders said...


No broker is perfect I've noticed :)

Yes the comms are a little high with MB. But they are great as a backup platform, especially when you consider they have excellent service.