Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4-28-09 Slugging along

This morning was just another one of these grinding slow trend days. Emotions were brief and the grind was long.

First trade went fine, however, the 2nd trade was really a patience tester and so disappointing to have gotten the relative entry correct and made so little money. Third trade was just too late in the day to hold.

Overall +15 pips on 37k.



Jules said...

Deciding what positions to hold is always a challenge isn't it, LT? Sometimes after taking ticks just to see price take off in my direction is really frustrating....coz it's difficult to go in again after giving up a really good spot.

Lord Tedders said...


Yep it's always tough to see a "sure fire" thing not go your way. But that is trading I guess lol.