Friday, March 13, 2009

3-13-09 Weekly Recap

Only took a couple of trades this morning for +6.5 pips. Do you ever have days where you just don't feel like trading? I know - weird. A fair amount of this I attribute to the fact that it's Friday, the 13th no less, and I have been fighting off being sick for the past couple of days. I don't really feel terrible at the moment, just apathetic. Meh, too much psychoanalysis isn't going to help my trading results.

Bottom line +31.4 pips this week. Overall, my weekly goal is to make 3%, and my monthly goal is to make 12%. I did accomplish my weekly goal, making 4.5%.

There were a lot more available opportunities on certain days (um today for example); however, I feel I really traded my best on Monday (yes I know it was a small losing day). Why? Because that day was very difficult and I managed not to blow myself up. Tuesday's 15 pips were a gimmie. My cat could have made money on that day (well except for the opposable thumbs requirements).

I think a few more weeks of paper trading are still in order before I go back to live. I really had some negative thoughts that got me off to a rough start on Thursday in particular. Toward the end I was trying not to get frustrated with the behavior of the market (it was very volatile but with little follow through). Instead I need to be focused on trading not only when my signal patterns line up, but also when the market movement is consistent with my style of trading.


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