Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for some changes

We'll I think it's time for some changes. I would like to thank Jules and Lonely Trader for bugging me not to stop blogging.

Here's the deal. I lost my mind over the past few months. With several things really. Like I can't teach anyone how to trade (especially my independent wife - who by the way would rather knit than trade). Or that I need to say anything constructive/instructive in my blog (thank you Jules for pointing this out). Like do I really hate short-term trading, or am I driving myself crazy with expectations (or really the fear of other people's expectations)? Some days you just don't want to deal with that after having a multiple R losing day. Or be accountable in any way whatsoever.

The problem is that I lost sight of what this blog is good for. Namely it is my reality check. That if I have a really bad trade/day/week/etc. I can't hide under my pillow or stuff the brokerage sheet in the shedder (as bad as I want to sometimes). On the flip side, hopefully some of you will check my ego at the door if I beat the snot out of the market for a day or two (before reality comes back).

So with that said (and for the few readers who are left), I need to make some changes to this blog:

1) Needs to be less ugly. Help! Maybe time to go wordpress? Not sure.
2) I want to find a reasonably easy way to get some video up on the site. This will help keep me accountable knowing that people will be watching my trades.
3) Things are gonna get a lot more visceral around here. If I have a shit/good day you are gonna hear about it (thanks Jules).
4) You will be seeing a daily blotter. Right now I'm back to paper trading. Before you ask, no I haven't blown my account. But my confidence is blown (not by the market - by myself). I've had this lack of confidence with my trading occur before but didn't listen to my doubts. This time I will. I need to have that accountability to get back on track.

O.k. I guess that's all. Hehe.



thelonelytrader said...

Yep. Glad you're back. Good good good. Wordpress isn't a bad idea. I could stop tying in that stupid OpenID info...

Bring it on, brotherman.

FX said...

Majority of people read blogs in feed readers I guess, well I do. So it's totally irrelevant is the blog nice or ugly I don't see it anyway. Content is important. So don't lose sleep over that.

The easiest way for videos is to upload them to youtube than you have option to embed them in blogger.

Lord Tedders said...


I will need some time to even figure out how it works. The nice thing about blogger is that it is good for webtards like myself.


Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. Although I do see a lot of good looking blogs out there too. Will have to consider how big a priority this is based on that.

Yeah I was gonna look into YouTube.com. I found a decent video screen capture recorder with voice. Now I need to figure out how to edit it without pulling out my hair :)


Jules said...

LT, just when you've made a comeback, I'm contemplating not writing anymore. I'm getting angrier everyday about something that I can no longer blog about coz it affects someone. It's supposed to be my diary, and I hate it when the content has to be edited, and sometimes totally removed. I always thought I'm free to write whatever I want. And I'm angry that I can only talk about trading now. It's become a soul-less journal. Sorry for ranting on your blog. Can't do it on mine.

Jules said...

Oh, don't let the part about having to publish details of your trades affect the way you trade. I've been there, and it is not at all constructive. On days that I don't feel comfortable trading, I went ahead to trade coz it feels strange to not have anything to post. Don't think about the posting bit when you trade.

Jules said...

And there's nothing wrong with your blog. It's definitely NOT ugly. I actually like it.

Lord Tedders said...


I'm really sorry to hear that you're being edited. Hint: don't let significant other read your blog (I know a little late). I truly miss your rants about life!

Yeah good point. I guess it really isn't about the blog, though. It's about my own fears of failure. Like taking a losing trade will mean the end of my life lol.

O.k. good to know. Let me know if you still like it since I've made a few changes (goes with the theme).