Friday, March 27, 2009

3-27-09 Waking up to opportunity

I think I mentioned how several times last week I woke up just to find I'd missed a (or the) great trading opportunity of the morning. Not today. Soon as I pulled up my charts I knew it was time to buy. Ah extreme emotions (as long as they aren't mine) :)

Hit 2 50k lots for a total of +22 pips.

Total for the week: +24, -3.4, +7.6, NA, +22 for a grand total of +50.2 pips or about 3R on 50k lots.

Goal for next week +75 pips on the same lot size.


P.S. Am thinking about going back to live in a few weeks. We'll see how things go


Jules said...

Woohoo! That's a good reason to get out of bed :-)

Lord Tedders said...


Yeah everyone was just looking to sell Euro's this morning based on Citi supposedly disposing of their holdings.

So I had to go and be contrary.