Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scalping Forex Setup - LL LH

We'll I promised that I would get some video up here, so I've put together a video describing one of my bread and butter setups the LL LH (or for longs HH HL). I know that the sound leads the video just by a few seconds so if things look a little off that is why. Still learning the video thing. Let me know what you think.


Gavin said...

Good job mate.

FX said...

Very nice to see your way of trading and explanation of it.

Jules said...

Very nice work, LT :-) And very nice to hear your voice for the first time! :-)
I was in trade just moments ago and staring at the tape, and listening to you at the same time. What was really funny was that as I was hesitating to get out of that trade, which really wasn't going my way anymore, you were talking about taking whatever there is if momentum's no longer on your side. Just what I needed to hear. Think I would have to play your video everytime I enter a trade! LOL!

Lord Tedders said...

Gavin and FX,

Glad that you liked the video.


That's too funny!