Monday, March 30, 2009

3-30-09 Too early to the game

That pretty much sums it up this morning for me. Too early to the game with too heavy a position.

-8 pips.



Fxchartist said...

Hi Ted,I've followed your blog for a while and noticed that you're only trading one hour in the US session? How about London session?

Lord Tedders said...


Actually it's about 2.5 hours per day. I've found this to be plenty of time to identify 1-2 very high probability setups per day. That's all I need to make plenty of pips.

Focus is the name of the game. How many times have you gone off to watch t.v. or started reading and missed "the" move that would have made your day?

Ironically, lack of time was not the issue today. It was lack of focus. I added to my initial position too soon, without identifying a viable "emotional" response from the market.

The result is what you see. Instead of being up 15 pips I was down 8.